Where we shine…


Washing a room with mood lights/up-lighting is great for creating an elegant atmosphere during dinner or adding energy to a room during dancing.  These lights are placed around a room on the floor and positioned to shine up onto walls or columns to wash the room with color. More Examples

Pinspot Lighting

Pinspots are great for shining down onto tables to highlight the floral center pieces, cakes or other decor. These lights shine a very narrow beam of light to make floral centerpieces or cakes stand out in a dark room without flooding the room with light and blinding the guests sitting at the tables. More Examples

Custom Monogram

Imagine you and your fiance’s monogram, names, or initials on the wall or dance floor using lighting!  We can shine it anywhere to add a personalized touch to your wedding reception using a special light fixture.  We will work with you to create a custom design just for your event so you’re not limited to just one generic looking letter. More Examples

Café Lighting

String lighting, also known as Cafe lighting, can be used indoors or outdoors for a really neat look. Instead of traditional Christmas twinkle lights like most people use, we use large 3″ globe style light bulbs that look much classier. It can be used to add soft ambient light for that romantic look without being too bright. More Examples

Hanging Edison Lights

Much like our Café String Lights, the Hanging Edison Lights bring a beautiful and elegant look to any event, while providing ambient light. We use standard Edison Bulbs that give a romantic look without being too bright. All we need is a place to hang them to accent any area or even to just give a cool look throughout your venue. It provides a unique element to your event and can turn a bland area into a vintage, beautiful, and elegant atmosphere. More Examples


Chandeliers make any event instantly classy by adding an element to the room that was not there before. We offer a variety of elegant chandeliers for wedding receptions or any other event in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. More Examples

Pattern Projection

Patterns or textures can be projected on walls or dance floors to create a really neat look.  Everything from foliage to snowflakes to just about any pattern can be used. More Examples